BULLYING Awareness Workshop

BULLYNG Awareness Workshop

In recent years, the unwanted aggressive behavior known as “bullying” has increased in schools and every day this form of physical or verbal harassment is more common in children and adolescents. For many children, threats, intimidation and even domination through aggressive use of force is a reality they experience regularly. As an example, in Fairfax County, Virginia, 53% of youth reported being the target of bullying and 51% reported they bullied others (Fairfax County Youth Survey, 2011-2012). To address this growing social problem, Family Services Network provides workshops for students, parents, educators, counselors and other adults to raise awareness on bullying as everybody’s problem. Our workshops are designed to teach participants how to talk to children about bullying, how to recognize this harmful behavior, its characteristics and effects and how to prevent the problem.

For more information about our workshops, please check our calendar for upcoming dates and locations. If you are interested in training or workshops for your school, please fill up this form [hyperlink] and send it to info@FamilyNetworkServices.com or call (703)867-1973

Program Benefits

The program offers a wide range of benefits aimed at strengthening the children’s personal and social skills. These benefits include:

  • Increase of appropriate social interactions and enhance pre-academic reading skills levels for children.
  • Improvement of child’s sensory stimulation, receptive/expressive vocabulary, cognitive, fine/gross motor, and play skills.
  • Identification of any developmental delays.
  • Referral of high-risk children to intervention services.
  • Bilingual oral and written information on child development issues and positive parenting methods.
  • Advice to parents on how to extend playgroup activities at home.
  • Individualized support to parents to address specific areas of concern and other service needs.