ABC Play and Learn Developmental Playgroups

ABC Play and Learn
Developmental Playgroups

The ABC Play and Learn Developmental Playgroup Program, an evidence-based model, has been developed to address the needs of low – income families whose pre-school age children are at risk of developmental delay. more

Raising Safe Kids Program

The ACT Raising Safe Kids program (ACT-RSK) is a national violence prevention program that focuses on the early years of a child’s development and on the important roles communities and adults play in such process. more

BULLYING Awareness Workshop

Awareness Workshop

Family Services Network provides workshops for students, parents, educators, counselors and other adults to raise awareness on bullying as everybody’s problem. more

BULLYING Awareness Workshop

Whom Should I Tell?

Although public awareness about child abuse has increased significantly in the past decades, every day, we continue to hear stories about child abuse in the media.

Taking the ACT Raising Safe Kids program is an experience that has given me much knowledge and understanding the education of my daughter Isabella . Educating children free of violence is a tool that every parent should possess. Thank you very much for Family Services Network and especially its Director , Astrid Gamez

Melissa Loyola


“It was a fortunate to have ACT Raising Safe Kids program offered to our Arabic speaking parents at Bailey’s Elementary School. The curriculum was excellent and the facilitator was dedicated and knowledgeable . In eight weeks, we learned a lot of strategies and ways .which were really oriented not toward making the child ” pay ” for mistakes, but toward learning life skills and developing healthy self-esteem for the future . And we always remember what the facilitator said” child’s job is to make mistake parent’s job is to correct it”

Suadad Albiramani


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